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1 box Dreamfields elbow pasta

3 cups tomato sauce no sugar added

2 cups canned chick peas

1 tbs garlic powder

1/2 tsp pepper

1 oz parmesan grated

Boil water for pasta and let the chick peas heat up in it. When it is boiling add pasta boil for 8 mins as suggested. Drain well. Add tomato sauce. mix in the pepper, garlic powder and cheese. Don’t slat until after adding cheese. It is salty by itself.

Nutritional Information for Entire Recipe:

Fat 19.34
Carbs 206.26
Fiber 72.3
Net Carbs 133.96
Protein    94.57
Calories 2085

Makes 13 2/3 cup servings

Nutritional Information per serving:

Fat 1.49
Carbs 15.87
Fiber 5.6
Net Carbs 10.27
Protein 7.27
Calories 160

2 1 lb eggplants

4 cups tomato gravy

3 lbs ground beef (80/20)

2 oz parmesan cheese

8 oz  grated mozzarella cheese (optional)

brown the meat in a pan and drain, Add tomato gravy and cubed eggplant. Stir it together and place in a baking dish. add the cheeses on tip cover and bake at 350 for an hour. I turn it to about 250 and let it bake longer to meld all the flavor.

yield 2 13×9 casseroles

Nutritional Information for Entire Recipe:

without mozzarella

Fat 296.21
Carbs 129.21
Fiber 69.3
Net Carbs 59.91
Protein 291.13
Calories 4372

With mozzarella

Fat 346.90
Carbs 134.18
Fiber 69.3
Net Carbs 64.88
Protein    341.41
Calories 5052

57.17 Nc in veggies for entire dish

2 lbs sliced steak

1 cup tomato gravy

8 oz whole milk Mozzarella shredded

Cook the steak with a little olive oil in a pan til cooked thru, Add 1 cup of tomato gravy and simmer  on low/med for about 1/2 hr. It helps to tenderize the meat , then add the mozzarella cover to melt.

Serves 6

6 portabella mushroom caps

3 10 oz packages of frozen spinach

4 oz cream cheese

24 oz salmon

3 tbls butter

salt and pepper to taste

Brush off portabella caps and then baste with the melted butter. Put on a cookie sheet for 10 min at 400 and flip after 5 mins for 10 mins total.

Boil the spinach and drain very well. Salt and pepper it , Add the cream cheese and stir til well blended. Place the spinach mixture on top of the portabella ridges down. Then a 4 0z piece of salmon on top. More basted butter. Put back into the oven for about 10 mins and check it. The Salmon should be lighter in color and flake when you put a fork into it to show you it is done. Don’t wait too long or it will be dry.

Salmon does not take long at all to cook.

Nutritional Information for whole dish:

Fat 121.84
Carbs 65.49
Fiber 34.0
Net Carbs 31.49
Protein 202.19
Calories 2089

Per serving:

Fat 20.31
Carbs 10.92
Fiber 5.7
Net Carbs 5.22
Protein    33.70
Calories 348

Tomato Gravy

1 can tomato paste

3 large cans crushed tomatoes

Olive oil


salt and pepper

1  garlic clove

In the bottom of a large sauce pan, drizzle some olive oil.On Med/ low heat, Grate 1 clove of garlic in the pan. Add the can of tomato paste. Stir it all together. The paste will become plyable and turn a darker red. Then add the cans of crushed tomatoes, 2 tbls of basil and salt to taste. I don’t add too much, maybe a tsp.

When it starts to bubble, Turn it to low and let it simmer covered for a few hours stirring every 15 mins or so.

I usually make it in the morning and put my meatballs in around 1 pm for a 6 pm dinner.

The longer it cooks the better it is. If you like it thinner add a little water. It will be a thick rich gravy.

I usually get enough for dinner and then at least 4-5 containers for the freezer.

Nutritional Information for entire recipe:

Fat 16.96

Carbs 219.14

Fiber 56.2

Net Carbs 162.94

Protein 49.37

Calories 1039



Meatballs ( all phases)

preheat oven to 400

3 1/2 pounds of ground beef (80/20)

4 oz parmesan cheese

1 egg

handful parsley

Mix all the ingredients together and put a little olive oil in a roasting pan. Make meatballs all the same size. Cook them for about 45 mins covered and 15 mins uncovered to brown them.

You can remove them from the pan and put on cookie racks to cool and place them in freezer bags to freeze. If you want them not to stick freeze them first on a cookie  sheet then put in freezer bag when frozen.

Nutritional Information:

Fat 351.78

Carbs 4.03

Fiber 0

Net carbs 4.03

Protein 319.42

Calories 4552

I can get about 30 larger meatballs or 45 smaller ones.

Just divide carbs by servings.

Lasagna (phases 3,4)

1 package Dreamfields Lasagna noodles
32 oz whole milk Ricotta
16 oz mozzarella
1 tbs nutmeg
1 tbs splenda
1 egg
tomato gravy

In a bowl mix the ricotta, egg, splenda and nutmeg.

Cook the noodles til just soft. Not too much or they will be mushy.

In a casserole dish, put a little tomato gravy and then start layering noodles, ricotta, gravy, mozzarella,
Layer it until you get to the last layer of noodles and then put some gravy on top and the rest of the mozzarella.

Bake it at 400 degrees for 30 mins covered. Then remove cover til cheese is brown and bubbly.

Let sit otherwise it will fall apart.

12 servings

Nutritional Information:
For entire Lasagna
Fat 225.63
Carbs 142.51
Fiber 52.50
Net Carbs 90.01
Protein 158.21
Calories 4375

Per serving
Fat 18.8
Carbs 11.88
Fiber 4.4
Net Carbs 7.48
Protein 21.52
Calories 365