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One Week BACK!!

I gotta tell you I feel really good. I really forgot what control feels like on Atkins. I am not tempted to cheat. I am eating well every day and planning each meal for the most part. I have not eaten off plan in a week and I have lost 7.8 lbs, I am sleeping better, I don’t crash in the afternoon and I feel most focused.

I have had an insane 2 years. Family members have been ill, my husband blew out his achilles tendon last fall and was out of work for almost 5 months. I was rear ended twice in a month and still feel the effects of that last crash that totaled my car. I am smack dab in the throes of menopause and it is a roller coaster of epic proportions.

I have taken care of everyone else but me. I have worried and focused on everything but me. I’m not good with me. It feels selfish and uncomfortable but I need to focus on it now. I am into my 50’s and if not now, when?

I have documented my ups and downs. Nothing makes me feel as good and as free as Atkins does. It takes some focus and some planning but gets easier with time. I am so excited to see where I am one month from now~!!


Im back.. I can not explain the intensely insane 18 months I have had. It has taken its toll.  I had  great day of eating and am feeling good at the end of the day.

Dinner was pork chops in the air fryer with Cauliflower rice and butter. So yummy! Saved a pork chop for breakfast.

I start Atkins like I always did in the beginning. A few days of minimal carbs working up to 10nc and then a slow progression to 20. I am a slow starter. So for me this plan with plenty of water helps me jump in and feel better sooner and also feel the progress because once over the “flu” I can feel my energy jump and Ill start sleeping better.

I am coming of WW trying to Atkinsize it but failing. For me if the option of a cookie or chips is there, I am going to eat it. I need things to be off limits at least in the beginning.

I did ww for a year. lost 23 lbs and it all came back. Atkins I lose better and I lose the cravings and stay the course better.

Tomorrow is grocery day and I’ll be stocking up on all the things I love with a few treats so I can keep my focus. One of my favorites is sugar free jello whipped with heavy cream and some cream cheese. It is a nice little treat after dinner for me.

I need some butter, fresh meats, fish, riced cauliflower, and spinach.

I’ll be browsing my own recipes to make a shopping list so that I’m good to go. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life!