I gotta tell you I feel really good. I really forgot what control feels like on Atkins. I am not tempted to cheat. I am eating well every day and planning each meal for the most part. I have not eaten off plan in a week and I have lost 7.8 lbs, I am sleeping better, I don’t crash in the afternoon and I feel most focused.

I have had an insane 2 years. Family members have been ill, my husband blew out his achilles tendon last fall and was out of work for almost 5 months. I was rear ended twice in a month and still feel the effects of that last crash that totaled my car. I am smack dab in the throes of menopause and it is a roller coaster of epic proportions.

I have taken care of everyone else but me. I have worried and focused on everything but me. I’m not good with me. It feels selfish and uncomfortable but I need to focus on it now. I am into my 50’s and if not now, when?

I have documented my ups and downs. Nothing makes me feel as good and as free as Atkins does. It takes some focus and some planning but gets easier with time. I am so excited to see where I am one month from now~!!