I have been doing Atkins now for about 18 months. In that time I have lost 94 lbs. Weight I gained as a result of two pregnancies. The last one was very difficult and brought me to my highest weight ever. 267 lbs.   I also had high blood pressure, a heart murmur and I was suffering from post partum anxiety/depression.

When I had my son I felt pretty good, I asked to go home early. My blood pressure as a little high but other than that I was fine so the Dr let me go home to rest. The next day was fine but the day after, I started shaking uncontrollably, I had a constant feeling of adrenalin making me feel like my nerve endings were on fire. I was scared and knew something was wrong. I could not get a deep breath and I had chest pain. I called my Dr and they sent me to the hospital. They thought I might have a pulmonary embolism. Something that can be fatal.

It scared me. When I got to the hospital they did a complete work up. My BP was really high 169/100, I could not stop shaking and now I was having  panic attacks. I had toxemia after the fact. My blood pressure continued to get worse after the early delivery to prevent this very thing.

They got it under control and I was put on a lot of meds. I hated that. I felt like my life had taken a turn for the worse and I would never be able to escape. But when I got home and held my new miracle baby, I just knew I could not stay like this. Fat, unhealthy, miserable. That was not who I was.

In June of 2008, I got out my old Atkins New Diet Revolution from the 90’s and started reading. Dr Atkins words always inspired me. As I read I remembered how good it felt to be on Atkins. To live the lifestyle while eating good and have no trouble keeping my weight under control.

So I started. And within the first month I had lost about 15 lbs and I just felt so amazing. It was frustrating in the beginning to lose weight and have no one really see it. But as the months went on, The weight kept coming off and now here I am 94 lbs lighter.

My entire life has changed. I exercise. Not because I have to but because it feels great. I can run with my kids. I can carry things, I feel full of life and no where near my 43 years.

This plan will not only help you lose weight it will change your life. If you follow it and use it the way it is meant to be done, You will not only gain control over your daily eating but really enjoy it and never ever feel like you are dieting.