I am not adding NC counts because there are too many variables on how this could be made. But it is my favorite recipe.

First I roast 3 split chicken breasts. With the bones. They add so much flavor.I rub them with olive oil and salt and pepper.

When done and cooled, I just throw them in the fridge. That way I have quick pickings!

I take the meat off one breast and shred it. I then add chopped celery, Hellman’s Real Mayo and A good brown deli mustard.

You can add onion if you like too. I like mine rather dry and some may like more mustard than mayo or vice versa.

When you are making it just put it in your cookbook on Fatsecret.com as a new recipe and enter in the serving sizes and you will be able to just click ad to food diary and enter it any time you make it.