So one week back on the Atkins train and I’m down 7lbs.

I’m not hungry between meals, I’m not really snacking except at night when i used to snack all day. Healthy snacks but nonetheless snack.

I’m at about 1900 calories and that is working. I don’t let it decide ahead of time, it just seems to be where I’m falling daily.

Not really exercising but I never have the first two weeks as I change my fuel source.

I also bought keto sticks. I know a lot of people today don’t use them or like them but it helps me know where I am and what impacts my ketosis state. It also is just a nice visual affirmation and instant result. It really helps with my mind set.

What I have learned most about Atkins is there is no one right way to do it. I have always liked the stripped down initial version the best, but have also followed the DANDR version and done well.

I know for me starting low and slow will be an asset as I fight all the hormones and current situation.

I know I’m 100% on eating and sleeping.

My goal is to lose a total of 50lbs. I’m down 7. 43lbs to go.

Menopause has been hard on my body and my mental state. The fight to even maintain was exhausting. I gave up. I just couldn’t eat really well and see scale continue to rise. Now that I seem to have settled into menopause more I see I can start losing again.

You ordered a new copy of DANDR And Atkins for Life. My goal is to have a living Atkins plan as I did in 2008 that kept it easy for me to maintain and still eat off all the rungs.

Here’s to week 2!!!