I know it’s been a while since I posted. Let me tell you that perimenopause/menopause is harder than I thought.

My experience was that no matter what I did I could not lose weight. My old Atkins habits were not enough. I could not longer move up the ladder like I had in the past and still lose weight. I did feel better but the frustration and emotional toll was too much.

What I have learned is I need to go back to the original Atkins plan. I will move very slowly through the process. I have to journal everything and make notes of changes and weigh in daily.

It is working. My body is responding. I’m hoping the extreme bouncing has stopped.

I started this plan 5/13/2020 and am down 6.2 lbs.

My cravings have stopped. I am having the classic headaches but it will pass.

My life has changed a lot since 2008. And I realized that it all makes me who I am today. I have not managed stress well and I have not maintained my weight loss. And it’s okay. It’s not how I would like it. But it’s what happened. If I sit around feeling bad about it, nothing changes. Nothing.

I’m 53 years old. I want to be fit and be able to enjoy my life without adding to the normal aging issues by being overweight and inflamed.

I feel like us carb addicts, true carb addicts have to just know it is like any other addiction. It is hard to manage the addiction by dabbling in eating them here and there.

For now it’s a beginning again. I have not been able to lose more than 15 lbs by moving up the ladder. So then I have gotten frustrated and stopped.

This time I am waiting a full month at in induction before making any changes. I am counting full carbs to start. I need to cleanse myself and get myself in the right mindset. Quarantine has not helped! But it’s time to move forward!

If you have ever fallen off the wagon and crashed, join me! Let’s take this one step at a time and follow the plan and process. It’s okay if you aren’t doing it exactly like I am. You can do this !