So this time doing Atkins I’m not worrying so much about measurements and exactness, although I do measure and weigh if I have no idea what the count is in the food I’m eating or if it is higher in carbs, but I’m eating on instinct. More of the Atkins for Life approach.

I’m not in a hurry. I’m enjoying eating and losing inches. At this point I’ve lost 10.5 pounds. But my clothes are fitting better and I am feeling better. Less aches and pains, sleeping better and enjoying food again. It doesn’t feel like the enemy anymore.

I’m going to challenge you to make sure this is not all about the measurements and scale but also about enjoying life. Making it luscious and yummy and not starving or insanely difficult.

You can lose weight. You can enjoy it and you can reach your goals.

My goals are to be healthy and stronger. To come out of menopause feeling better than I did going into it.

Figure out your goals and the go and get them!