I know it has been a long time. I have been though a lot in the last few years as we all have. My health has been a roller coaster going through vertigo and heart issues along with being 55 now and fighting hormones for every pound.

Earlier in the summer I knew I was ready again. It has been painfully slow 7.5 pounds in 6 weeks and then another 2 pounds this week finally.

I wonder how long it will take to find out all the pandemic took from us. I know it took who I was away. Constantly locked up and not able to just get out and explore.

I had starting gaining weight with menopause on 2012. No matter what I did I gained. For 4 years before that I ate as a routine. I worked at understanding my ccl and knew where I had to be to maintain 98 pounds lost. But all of a sudden no matter what I started gaining. I grew frustrated, got lazy and slacked off. I would say I gained 50 lbs back of what I lost. It hurt. It made me angry. It made me feel less than and unworthy. My drs told me to try other methods and I did but they don’t work for me.

I Am A Carb Addict.

It is that simple. If a diet tells me I can eat them and lose I will and I wont lose even though that is the way the plan works.

in the beginning of the summer I started thinking about what I loved about Atkins. The weight loss, for sure but more than that I felt good. I lost the brain fog, the bloat, I lost in all the right places. I felt good.

So that is my focus this time around. I had my cholesterol done recently and will have them done again in 6 months to a year. 9.5 pounds isn’t much but I have to say everyday I feel a bit more like myself. I know this will be a long journey. I lost 79 pounds in the first year last time and then 20 the next. I am pretty sure I am going to be lucky too lose 20 by next year but somehow I have to be okay with that. I am not spring chicken. My Children are almost grown. I don’t want to spend the time my husband and I have ahead not feeling good.

So here I am. Ready to whip out recipes, tracking, and trying to accept this new chapter with grace and patience.