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Happy Surprises

About a month ago, I went through the drawer and tried on old jeans. Nothing tells the truth like real jeans, no stretch.. 🙂 Anyway, I tried them on and could not get any past my hips. That is okay because when I started they weren’t going much past my knees. 😉 Well today I wore those jeans to work. I put them on and got them up on and zipped AND… I can breathe.. 🙂 They aren’t even super tight anymore.

I have been without the scale about 2 weeks now and I have to tell you it is liberating. I would never have imagined I would be able to do it because I like to know what I need to know but in this case, I am enjoying eating, I feel so much less stress about getting to my goals and I can see it working in my clothes! My shirts are all big and my pants are getting longer. I am starting to look like a hobo in the old clothes!!

I started a bag of things to donate and I can not wait until it is full!!

I feel so much more relaxed this time. My focus is getting back to me and my health. Back to the size that makes me happy and comfortable. I don’t care how long it takes, although it seems to have picked up lately, I am enjoying eating everyday and don’t feel hungry ever.

Atkins really works. Just keep eating and enjoying the food, Let the plan work and do its own magic! You can do this!


Some days are not so perfect.

Some days are just not perfect. We can plan and yet sometimes our plans go to hackensack. Today I had an early appt downtown and so I had planned to get up early and make some snacks to take with me. Nothing fancy, just some cheese and maybe some tuna I made yesterday to keep me going. Well as it would happen, with everything  going on this morning it never happened. I had a big cup of coffee with cream and was under way. 3 hours later I still did not get to eat. We went from Downtown to the hospital to visit someone and while everyone else ate I did not. I just did not want to try and finagle something out of their options. So I had a Starbucks with cream and waited.

The thing is I was not hungry. I was not ravished for food because on Atkins I never am. I stopped using hunger as a trigger to eat long ago. I eat because my body needs it and I eat because it is essential to my plan but I don’t ever feel hungry, like I just need to eat.

I came home at about 2 and made a huge salad with bacon and cheese and my vinaigrette and enjoyed  every bite. It was worth it to me to wait and have control over what I was eating.

There will always be days that don’t go the way you want to but having control over your hunger and understanding the plan is the key to those days. What you can grab and eat and what you need to stay away from.

This is never anything I will plan. I don’t fast. I enjoy each day eating. But for me it is just one more way that Atkins helps me remain in control. I never feel out of control even when the circumstances around me are unexpected.

Learn Atkins well. Learn how it works and why it works. It makes such a difference in your choices. Some days will not be perfect but you can still make the best of it and end that day a winner!


60 days.

It has been 60 days since my reset. I have lost 25lbs. I can feel myself shrinking. My body is changing. I take a picture every other week so I can see the changes. I feel so darn good.

I am in that place now where it is easy. I have not eaten enough the last few days but not by choice. I worked late and just was too tired to eat big when I got home. But I still ate well. I have no cravings, no tiredness. I feel so far from 2016. I feel more in control. I don’t binge or feel like I have to eat everything.

I feel settled. I can not figure out what my goal is yet. I may just let my body figure it out. I know where I am comfortable so we will see where those two things intersect.

I know this. I have not felt this good in years.

I still remember that first week on Atkins in 93. Thinking I was going to get on the scale and be 10 lbs heavier. Bacon for breakfast, burger for lunch, chicken for dinner and blue cheese dressing and lettuce wedges and all kinds of yummy stuff. But I think that first week I was down 7 lbs. I am so grateful for Dr Atkins is his willingness to buck the system and let us know what really counts as healthy eating. I am knee deep into Diet Revolution and so glad that I was willing to take a chance on this plan.

It is truly the only diet I ever lost more than 10 lbs on and kept it off. I am at 25lbs and holding lately but that is okay because 60  days ago I was 25lbs heavier. I will wait another week before adding more carbs. I don’t add a lot of crazy stuff but will most likely be making cheesecake this week! Yum!!

I hope you all plan a great weekend of eating so you wake up on Monday excited about the new week and not devastated or defeated because you put something carby in your mouth!

Eat fabulously this weekend!! Be decadent. Eat like Dr Atkins wanted you to!!

25lbs gone girl, gone!–>

This morning I got up to that fabulous number! 25 lbs gone. Today is the end of 7 weeks from my reset and 100% on plan.

This is the time that I can kick myself for letting life get in the way and letting go of what makes me function so well. I am sleeping better and inflammation is nearly gone. My joints no longer hurt. I have so much more energy and am not tired at all during the day. I am more focused on my tasks. I think the thing that I love most right now, other than the loss of pounds and inches, is that I don’t get winded! I walk now and I don’t want to stop. I really enjoy it because I am not tired. I don’t ache when I am done.

I am not struggling eating every day. I plan my day as a rule with what I want to eat and then go on along my day.

I wish I could get people not to give up so early. The Atkins plan works. This is my third go round and while it was a slow start and my body took some time to adjust, It has not remembered what to do and is doing it. I know it will slow down at some point but I don’t worry about that. It is a normal part of the process. I am not over exercising. I am just walking and will  add some weight training as I go because I love lifting and because I know it is good for my 50 yr old body however, I have to tell you I feel like I have lost 5 years in the last 7 weeks. My skin looks better, My energy levels are great and I just feel younger.

Please learn the Atkins plan correctly. If you need help ask! Go to the site, get the Atkins books and read them. Learn the plan for yourself and you will succeed!! Feel free to ask me for help. I have done Atkins since 93 and I am always willing to help or support ou along the way.



Stop stripping down Atkins.

I see so many people trying to strip down Atkins to make it work better, or faster or at all because they are not really doing it right to begin with or are impatient.

Atkins works. It works every time you do it. Don’t believe the hype that it doesn’t. The difference in the second or third time is not the plan.. It is YOU.

You have damaged your metabolism more, aged more, messed up more. The plan stayed the same. Yes, it may take a little longer to see results but as we age that is what happens.

I am 50. I am no spring chicken. When I went back to a hard reset in January, It took a little longer for me to see results but they came and each week they keep coming. Do I lose weight every week? Not always but then the next week I can drop 3lbs.

I eat about 2000 calories a day. Sometimes less sometimes a little more but I keep it right there. I used to be afraid to eat. And the last go round when I didn’t lose it was my fault. It was because I was stripping down my plan and not adding as I was supposed to. I was afraid to move up the carb ladder and so I stalled myself!!!

The plan works and it will heal you as you go if you allow it to. READ AN ATKINS BOOK!!!

Don’t just take the plan from the snippets you know, or from other people. Get a book and read how it works and why it works, and it will make it easier because you will understand why you are eating that full fat mayo. Because it is making you lose weight!!

For years I have fought to teach people real Atkins. They see bacon and eggs and steak but they don’t understand all the good carbs that you need and how the plan really works.

I love love love my Atkins books. On good days they are my reference books and on bad days they are my go to encourager and inspiration. They keep me on track. I have found so many great tips and new ways to do things and still be 100% on plan and making it work for me!

Please please, If you need help ask! I am here and willing to help. And learn Atkins. Eat well and don’t starve. Don’t diet Atkins. EAT IT!! It will work!!!



20.5 lbs

It has been 6 weeks. Tomorrow I start week 7 and I am down 20.5 lbs and I feel fantastic. I am feeling stronger and sharper each day. I am keeping 100% on plan and focused on my goal.

For those of you coming back to Atkins and worried it is going slower, give it time. Let the plan work. Don’t tweak and change everything. Just keep eating the plan and working and it will fix your body and you will start to lose weight again.

Work on goals of time on plan rather than pounds lost. The pounds will fall off, but the time on plan is the effort you need to make to get there.


Keep eating Atkins and eat well!

You can do it!

Good Tuesday morning!

I am up and started my day with my stuffed cabbage, because I am not a big breakfast-y food person. I like to eat leftovers and sometimes I will even fry a burger in the morning for breakfast. It keeps me full and satisfied longer and I don’t feel ravenous at any time during the day.

This morning I got up and realized that I am SEEING the change now. Just little things but places where I am thinning out. Most notably is my stomach. It is getting flatter and flatter every week. That is one of the things about Atkins that I think is really unique. Stomachs start to shrink faster than on any other plan. Is that medically proven? No, but I have seen it time after time in photos and with people I know irl that eat an Atkins plan.

I know people get hung up on that scale, that special number they want to see but for the last week, I have not really lost anything, but I am shrinking. Things are looser and I can wear some things I could not a few weeks ago. That is what matters. The change is something I can see! No one can see that number but they can see you shrink!!

Plan a good Atkins day and stick with it! It will work if you don’t get in the way with cheat days, or weird adaptations to the plan. The plan works and it works the way it is written. It is one of the easiest plans out there because you don’t ever have to go hungry! Plan a good Tuesday and reap the benefits!!


How is your weekend going? 

I know what I’m eating for the weekend by Thursday.  I plan it all out and make sure I have everything in stock to feed myself well and correctly. 

I am 5 weeks 100%on plan and I feel so much better.  My headaches have gone away and everything is looser! Why would I want to ruin that progress?! 

Weekends can be tough for people and I understand. A lot of running around with the kids and crazy plans but you can still stick to your plan if you plan well.  Is it worth it to wake up Monday morning with regret and bloating? Nope. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t go out and eat either.  Plan what you will eat when you go out. Don’t go out starving so you won’t be tempted by the bread plate. 

Atkins is about bounty and eating so many good whole foods. If you need back up have Atkins bars and shakes at the ready.  

My family loves ice cream and when they go I get a big fountain Diet Coke and sip that while they eat. I usually have one of my favorite Atkins treats at home after we return.  Sometimes I want it and sometimes I don’t.  But it’s there so I have the option and don’t feel deprived.  

Don’t let a weekend derail you! Plan ahead and make sure you are prepared and you will get to your goals!! 

What’s for breakfast?

I have found that when I eat a great breakfast, I do much better during the day. I don’t have that constant pang of hunger and I feel more energized for the day.

Today I had an Eggbeaters Omelet with really sharp cheese and a side of my spinach pie.



Yum! So good and filling. I also had a cup of Coffee with heavy cream and sweet n low.

Eating three good meals a day really helps me stay level and not snack. I used to be a small meal snacker but I found that it is just a bad habit. By eating 3 good meals a day, my body is not always digesting and I feel better.

Enjoy breakfast! Have a great day. You can do this!


Don’t panic about weight loss!!

This is my weight loss graph this morning..


100% on plan, tracking daily.  I lose in steps not slides. I weigh daily to track and see what is going on based on foods, calories, or TOM but I don’t worry about it. It is just how I lose weight. It is why I recommend tracking on Fatsecret so much. Because it gives you such good information about your plan and how you are eating. You can journal there and make notes about what is going on that day. You can move whole meals day to day and there is a cook book that will figure out your net carbs for you when you make your special dishes.


The most important tool you have on Atkins is information. It will keep you on track and help you see what you need to do to maintain forward progress and keep to plan.

You can do this!!