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July 29- 6 months

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I have no idea what I weigh today. I don’t really care either. It has been 6 months since I hankered down and got back to work. I am 50 years old. I work and I have kids. It can be done. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Don’t let nay sayers stop you. Don’t let the perfet image stop you.  I have gotten in my way so many times. Last time I got to where I wanted to be but was so obsessed with still not looking good even at that weight that I started to let go. I felt like even though I had lost 96 lbs I was still a whale so what did it matter????? Well I know better now. I am older( blech) and wiser!!

I have not eaten one thing off plan in 6 months but I don’t feel deprived or left out. I eat so well and enjoy every bite. I am planning my vacation and I will not go off plan there either because I will plan it all out and bring my favorite foods. I will bring my favorite things with me on my trip. My favorite snack is cherub tomatoes and tiny mozzarella bites. Salt, pepper, olive oil and basil.. Nothing better. Sweet and yummy.

I don’t count net carbs. It just doesn’t work for me. I only pay attention to whole carbs and I really don’t eat anything that is not a whole food, well except sweetnlow. It goes in my coffee morning noon and night and I will bring it with me along with heavy cream to make sure when I get my coffee it has everything I need to keep me satisfied. Coffee is my stop mechanism. After a meal I always have a cup of coffee with heavy cream and sweetnlow. It is my dessert.

I don’t know how much more I will lose or even what the number is now and I don’t care. I don’t diet. I eat every day without counting a thing. I know Atkins in and out. I have read all the books and studies and found what works best of my body on the plan.

That does not mean it will be your same plan. That is the beauty of Atkins! Some can eat more carbs, some less. Some count net carbs, some total carbs. Some can eat whole grains and be fine , some can’t.  The whole idea of Atkins is that is a plan that can work for everyone!   I am a purist. It is what works best for me. I don’t care about how fast I lose or what I am losing. I feel amazing. I look so much better and I enjoy every bite!

Off to make Meatballs and salad for dinner!! I hope you really dig into Atkins and get it under your skin. Really learn the plan. Go and get the original books and read them. Dr Atkins words make so much sense and it will make you believe!

Today there is a big Keto push, well guess who was the original Keto man was?? Dr Atkins!!! Read the books, with all the science and how and why and stories of the difference it has made in peoples lives. And sit back and enjoy eating and losing!! Have a great day and learn to eat and enjoy it!!!!



Finally Summer!

I know it’s been a while but I am still here and shrinking.. 🙂

I am probably down 40 lbs or more. I have not been on a scale and I really don’t have any intention to right now. I am doing great, living Atkins and eating each day with purpose. I have to make myself eat because some days I am just not hungry. A typical day for me is coffee with heavy cream and sweet n low and then my lunch is usually a huge salad with lettuce, bacon, cheese or Tuna and lettuce and cheese. I make my own vinaigrette so I know what I am taking in. Dinner is whatever I am making. Tonight it was a huge porterhouse on the grill.

I am not counting or measuring anything at this point. Just living it and eating according to what I know. I don’t feel like I am dieting at all and I am always satisfied.

Last week I had to go buy a new swimsuit because last years was literally hanging off of me. I went down 3 sizes from last years suit. I’d like to go down 2 more but we will see.

It has been a crazy few months. Some good some bad but no matter what I am trucking along, Atkins Style!

Eat well and keep doing it every day!!


People don’t know who I am???

So this morning I was dropping off my son at school and the crossing guard says” Wow I did not even know it was you the other day picking up your son. I started to watch this woman walk over to Evan and was making sure he was okay and then he hugged you and I realized it was you!!!”

What an awesome way to start the day!!!

I have no idea how much I have lost at this point. I have not weighed in over a month I think now, but I feel fantastic. Clothes are falling off me and I have a bag in my closet I have been dumping things that no longer fit in for good will and it is getting full!!!!

For me Atkins gives me my life back. I no longer have that heavy feeling. I no longer feel like I am dragging my arse anywhere. I feel alive and when I walk I can breathe and talk. I can jog if I want, (though not really my thing.. 🙂  ). I feel fantastic.

The weight loss will always happen on Atkins. All you have to do is work the plan. Eat the right foods, don’t get into the crazy restrictions. Eat correctly and let the plan work and it will! For me the weight loss was only part of the reason I went back. My bp was so high in the fall it scared me. My grandmother had horrible high bp her whole like and suffered strokes that eventually lead to her death. My father has genetically high bp and has had meds for it forever even though he is in great shape and takes care of himself. So far it has skipped me. I have been able to maintain mine by dropping weight and eating Atkins. I had my cholesterol done last fall. I am looking forward to having it done again in June. That may be when I decide to get on a scale again. To be honest, The number means little to me. I care about how I look and how I feel.

I watch people get hung up on a number and it is sad to see them worry and make themselves nuts over a few pounds that are not going to matter at all in how they look. It is a mental game.

Now when I get to where I want to be I will weigh in and then weigh in daily to keep myself on track. I feel like weighing is an important part of maintenance, but when it comes to losing, the weight comes off on Atkins. You just have to eat and allow it the time. It may not be in your time frame but it will work for you if you indeed let go of crazy deadlines and crazy weight goals and just let your body and Atkins lead the way!!


Have a great Atkins day!!!

The morning after….

So I hope you all did well. I never count anything on a holiday but I stick to my foods. So I had extra brussels sprouts and cauliflower and it was yummy!! I had roast turkey with gravy and my veggies. It was a good day. My dessert was coffee and cream and jello supreme. No guilt but lots of good eating!!

I hope you all are still on plan and off to a good start this week!


Who’s ready for Easter?!?!?!

I am!! I have it all planned out, like I do every holiday. Of course there will be lots of things there I won’t eat but I can make sure there are lots that I can.

I am making the turkey and mashed potatoes for everyone but for me I am making brussels sprouts, mashed cauliflower and sauteed green beans.

I may make a cheesecake if I have the time but if not I will make my jello supreme.

It can be a crazy day especially since it is a candy crazy day. I suggest if the candy thing will drive you crazy that you go and get some Atkins candy to snack on so you don’t indulge in the other stuff and end up sick or full of regret that next morning!!

Eat smart. Plan ahead. If you are not cooking offer to bring something.

EAT ON PLAN!! No one at that table has to get up and fit in your clothes or get on your scale the next morning!!!

You can do this!!!! Please let me know how y’all did!!! I want to know! Be a happy eater on Easter!!



Bye Bye inches BYE BYE BYE….

I have not weighed in a long time. My scale when wonky and I tossed it. I have always done better just living Atkins than dieting it. I just eat what I am supposed to and let the plan work in it’s time. It feels good and liberating.

This morning I got up and measured. At this point I am down a total of 17 inches. 17!!! I am 2 1/2 months from my hard reset. My waist has shrunk 6 inches and my hips 5 inches! It feels so good to live in a smaller space 🙂

My plan this time is to not worry about the minutia so much. Stay with my protein, veggies and fat plan. I eat simply and clean. I feel fantastic. I feel like all the things that were bothering me before the reset have gone away.  I make sure I eat well each day. I don’t skimp on food or cut my calories low. I am enjoying every bite!! My plan for weighing in in the end of April is still there but we will see how I feel. I ditched 2 pairs of jeans this week they were too big. WOOHOO!!!

It takes time to lose weight. Just like it took time to gain it. Don’t rush it. Don’t make it a temporary dash to the finish line. Make it yummy and satisfying and enjoy the journey!!

The Shrinking Phase…

When you start losing weight there is that initial phase where you are dropping pounds but it is not visible to people. You know that the weight is falling off but you can’t see it yet. It can be so frustrating, but then…. you get to the phase where you just start shrinking.

Shirts get longer, and pants get looser. You catch your reflection and almost can’t believe the difference.  It is why I always tell people to take pictures and measure. That scale won’t give you the full picture. The difference you want is what you can see. What other people can see. Being able to go into a store and buy a small shirt and feel awesome!!!

If you are just starting stick with it!! It pays off. Don’t worry about fast, worry about long term. Think about how you could look in a year!!! Not just two weeks.

This is a good plan and you can have a great run!! Just keep at it!


You got this!!


Happy Surprises

About a month ago, I went through the drawer and tried on old jeans. Nothing tells the truth like real jeans, no stretch.. 🙂 Anyway, I tried them on and could not get any past my hips. That is okay because when I started they weren’t going much past my knees. 😉 Well today I wore those jeans to work. I put them on and got them up on and zipped AND… I can breathe.. 🙂 They aren’t even super tight anymore.

I have been without the scale about 2 weeks now and I have to tell you it is liberating. I would never have imagined I would be able to do it because I like to know what I need to know but in this case, I am enjoying eating, I feel so much less stress about getting to my goals and I can see it working in my clothes! My shirts are all big and my pants are getting longer. I am starting to look like a hobo in the old clothes!!

I started a bag of things to donate and I can not wait until it is full!!

I feel so much more relaxed this time. My focus is getting back to me and my health. Back to the size that makes me happy and comfortable. I don’t care how long it takes, although it seems to have picked up lately, I am enjoying eating everyday and don’t feel hungry ever.

Atkins really works. Just keep eating and enjoying the food, Let the plan work and do its own magic! You can do this!

Some days are not so perfect.

Some days are just not perfect. We can plan and yet sometimes our plans go to hackensack. Today I had an early appt downtown and so I had planned to get up early and make some snacks to take with me. Nothing fancy, just some cheese and maybe some tuna I made yesterday to keep me going. Well as it would happen, with everything  going on this morning it never happened. I had a big cup of coffee with cream and was under way. 3 hours later I still did not get to eat. We went from Downtown to the hospital to visit someone and while everyone else ate I did not. I just did not want to try and finagle something out of their options. So I had a Starbucks with cream and waited.

The thing is I was not hungry. I was not ravished for food because on Atkins I never am. I stopped using hunger as a trigger to eat long ago. I eat because my body needs it and I eat because it is essential to my plan but I don’t ever feel hungry, like I just need to eat.

I came home at about 2 and made a huge salad with bacon and cheese and my vinaigrette and enjoyed  every bite. It was worth it to me to wait and have control over what I was eating.

There will always be days that don’t go the way you want to but having control over your hunger and understanding the plan is the key to those days. What you can grab and eat and what you need to stay away from.

This is never anything I will plan. I don’t fast. I enjoy each day eating. But for me it is just one more way that Atkins helps me remain in control. I never feel out of control even when the circumstances around me are unexpected.

Learn Atkins well. Learn how it works and why it works. It makes such a difference in your choices. Some days will not be perfect but you can still make the best of it and end that day a winner!


60 days.

It has been 60 days since my reset. I have lost 25lbs. I can feel myself shrinking. My body is changing. I take a picture every other week so I can see the changes. I feel so darn good.

I am in that place now where it is easy. I have not eaten enough the last few days but not by choice. I worked late and just was too tired to eat big when I got home. But I still ate well. I have no cravings, no tiredness. I feel so far from 2016. I feel more in control. I don’t binge or feel like I have to eat everything.

I feel settled. I can not figure out what my goal is yet. I may just let my body figure it out. I know where I am comfortable so we will see where those two things intersect.

I know this. I have not felt this good in years.

I still remember that first week on Atkins in 93. Thinking I was going to get on the scale and be 10 lbs heavier. Bacon for breakfast, burger for lunch, chicken for dinner and blue cheese dressing and lettuce wedges and all kinds of yummy stuff. But I think that first week I was down 7 lbs. I am so grateful for Dr Atkins is his willingness to buck the system and let us know what really counts as healthy eating. I am knee deep into Diet Revolution and so glad that I was willing to take a chance on this plan.

It is truly the only diet I ever lost more than 10 lbs on and kept it off. I am at 25lbs and holding lately but that is okay because 60  days ago I was 25lbs heavier. I will wait another week before adding more carbs. I don’t add a lot of crazy stuff but will most likely be making cheesecake this week! Yum!!

I hope you all plan a great weekend of eating so you wake up on Monday excited about the new week and not devastated or defeated because you put something carby in your mouth!

Eat fabulously this weekend!! Be decadent. Eat like Dr Atkins wanted you to!!