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I have no idea what I weigh today. I don’t really care either. It has been 6 months since I hankered down and got back to work. I am 50 years old. I work and I have kids. It can be done. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Don’t let nay sayers stop you. Don’t let the perfet image stop you.  I have gotten in my way so many times. Last time I got to where I wanted to be but was so obsessed with still not looking good even at that weight that I started to let go. I felt like even though I had lost 96 lbs I was still a whale so what did it matter????? Well I know better now. I am older( blech) and wiser!!

I have not eaten one thing off plan in 6 months but I don’t feel deprived or left out. I eat so well and enjoy every bite. I am planning my vacation and I will not go off plan there either because I will plan it all out and bring my favorite foods. I will bring my favorite things with me on my trip. My favorite snack is cherub tomatoes and tiny mozzarella bites. Salt, pepper, olive oil and basil.. Nothing better. Sweet and yummy.

I don’t count net carbs. It just doesn’t work for me. I only pay attention to whole carbs and I really don’t eat anything that is not a whole food, well except sweetnlow. It goes in my coffee morning noon and night and I will bring it with me along with heavy cream to make sure when I get my coffee it has everything I need to keep me satisfied. Coffee is my stop mechanism. After a meal I always have a cup of coffee with heavy cream and sweetnlow. It is my dessert.

I don’t know how much more I will lose or even what the number is now and I don’t care. I don’t diet. I eat every day without counting a thing. I know Atkins in and out. I have read all the books and studies and found what works best of my body on the plan.

That does not mean it will be your same plan. That is the beauty of Atkins! Some can eat more carbs, some less. Some count net carbs, some total carbs. Some can eat whole grains and be fine , some can’t.  The whole idea of Atkins is that is a plan that can work for everyone!   I am a purist. It is what works best for me. I don’t care about how fast I lose or what I am losing. I feel amazing. I look so much better and I enjoy every bite!

Off to make Meatballs and salad for dinner!! I hope you really dig into Atkins and get it under your skin. Really learn the plan. Go and get the original books and read them. Dr Atkins words make so much sense and it will make you believe!

Today there is a big Keto push, well guess who was the original Keto man was?? Dr Atkins!!! Read the books, with all the science and how and why and stories of the difference it has made in peoples lives. And sit back and enjoy eating and losing!! Have a great day and learn to eat and enjoy it!!!!