I know it’s been a while but I am still here and shrinking.. 🙂

I am probably down 40 lbs or more. I have not been on a scale and I really don’t have any intention to right now. I am doing great, living Atkins and eating each day with purpose. I have to make myself eat because some days I am just not hungry. A typical day for me is coffee with heavy cream and sweet n low and then my lunch is usually a huge salad with lettuce, bacon, cheese or Tuna and lettuce and cheese. I make my own vinaigrette so I know what I am taking in. Dinner is whatever I am making. Tonight it was a huge porterhouse on the grill.

I am not counting or measuring anything at this point. Just living it and eating according to what I know. I don’t feel like I am dieting at all and I am always satisfied.

Last week I had to go buy a new swimsuit because last years was literally hanging off of me. I went down 3 sizes from last years suit. I’d like to go down 2 more but we will see.

It has been a crazy few months. Some good some bad but no matter what I am trucking along, Atkins Style!

Eat well and keep doing it every day!!