So this morning I was dropping off my son at school and the crossing guard says” Wow I did not even know it was you the other day picking up your son. I started to watch this woman walk over to Evan and was making sure he was okay and then he hugged you and I realized it was you!!!”

What an awesome way to start the day!!!

I have no idea how much I have lost at this point. I have not weighed in over a month I think now, but I feel fantastic. Clothes are falling off me and I have a bag in my closet I have been dumping things that no longer fit in for good will and it is getting full!!!!

For me Atkins gives me my life back. I no longer have that heavy feeling. I no longer feel like I am dragging my arse anywhere. I feel alive and when I walk I can breathe and talk. I can jog if I want, (though not really my thing.. 🙂  ). I feel fantastic.

The weight loss will always happen on Atkins. All you have to do is work the plan. Eat the right foods, don’t get into the crazy restrictions. Eat correctly and let the plan work and it will! For me the weight loss was only part of the reason I went back. My bp was so high in the fall it scared me. My grandmother had horrible high bp her whole like and suffered strokes that eventually lead to her death. My father has genetically high bp and has had meds for it forever even though he is in great shape and takes care of himself. So far it has skipped me. I have been able to maintain mine by dropping weight and eating Atkins. I had my cholesterol done last fall. I am looking forward to having it done again in June. That may be when I decide to get on a scale again. To be honest, The number means little to me. I care about how I look and how I feel.

I watch people get hung up on a number and it is sad to see them worry and make themselves nuts over a few pounds that are not going to matter at all in how they look. It is a mental game.

Now when I get to where I want to be I will weigh in and then weigh in daily to keep myself on track. I feel like weighing is an important part of maintenance, but when it comes to losing, the weight comes off on Atkins. You just have to eat and allow it the time. It may not be in your time frame but it will work for you if you indeed let go of crazy deadlines and crazy weight goals and just let your body and Atkins lead the way!!


Have a great Atkins day!!!