I am!! I have it all planned out, like I do every holiday. Of course there will be lots of things there I won’t eat but I can make sure there are lots that I can.

I am making the turkey and mashed potatoes for everyone but for me I am making brussels sprouts, mashed cauliflower and sauteed green beans.

I may make a cheesecake if I have the time but if not I will make my jello supreme.

It can be a crazy day especially since it is a candy crazy day. I suggest if the candy thing will drive you crazy that you go and get some Atkins candy to snack on so you don’t indulge in the other stuff and end up sick or full of regret that next morning!!

Eat smart. Plan ahead. If you are not cooking offer to bring something.

EAT ON PLAN!! No one at that table has to get up and fit in your clothes or get on your scale the next morning!!!

You can do this!!!! Please let me know how y’all did!!! I want to know! Be a happy eater on Easter!!