I can not tell you how bad I miss the Atkins forums. They were the best place for support and information. It was a true community of people who came together to support each other and were treated like adults.  I have no idea what is taking them so long to get one up and running but it is a true shame.

I love talking to people about Atkins. I love seeing their progress and supporting them and making sure they know someone is in their corner.

I tried a few lc forums lately and they are garbage. The traffic is so slow and the admins are nuts. Like Low Carb Friends. Not only do they punch your ticket for silly things, but then when you try to pm them back it says they are not accepting pms. So they like to smack and hide. They treat the posters like children and are ridiculous.

Someone posted about someone making fun of them and their way of eating and I posted #$#@#$%% to mimic a bad word and was dinged.

I posted in my little group to keep up the good work and that I may not stick around too long, nothing else and they erased it and I can’t access anything. They wiped my signature and closed my access to anything except posts. I posted the other day to tell someone about fatsecret and I was dinged and erased again..

I can’t tolerate such narrow crazy admin.  PLEASE Atkins!! Please get that forum up and running. We are all in limbo out here waiting!


In the meantime, If you have a good Atkins community site please comment with it!! I am open for more options until Atkins is back!!