I have not weighed in a long time. My scale when wonky and I tossed it. I have always done better just living Atkins than dieting it. I just eat what I am supposed to and let the plan work in it’s time. It feels good and liberating.

This morning I got up and measured. At this point I am down a total of 17 inches. 17!!! I am 2 1/2 months from my hard reset. My waist has shrunk 6 inches and my hips 5 inches! It feels so good to live in a smaller space 🙂

My plan this time is to not worry about the minutia so much. Stay with my protein, veggies and fat plan. I eat simply and clean. I feel fantastic. I feel like all the things that were bothering me before the reset have gone away.  I make sure I eat well each day. I don’t skimp on food or cut my calories low. I am enjoying every bite!! My plan for weighing in in the end of April is still there but we will see how I feel. I ditched 2 pairs of jeans this week they were too big. WOOHOO!!!

It takes time to lose weight. Just like it took time to gain it. Don’t rush it. Don’t make it a temporary dash to the finish line. Make it yummy and satisfying and enjoy the journey!!