When you start losing weight there is that initial phase where you are dropping pounds but it is not visible to people. You know that the weight is falling off but you can’t see it yet. It can be so frustrating, but then…. you get to the phase where you just start shrinking.

Shirts get longer, and pants get looser. You catch your reflection and almost can’t believe the difference.  It is why I always tell people to take pictures and measure. That scale won’t give you the full picture. The difference you want is what you can see. What other people can see. Being able to go into a store and buy a small shirt and feel awesome!!!

If you are just starting stick with it!! It pays off. Don’t worry about fast, worry about long term. Think about how you could look in a year!!! Not just two weeks.

This is a good plan and you can have a great run!! Just keep at it!


You got this!!