Some days are just not perfect. We can plan and yet sometimes our plans go to hackensack. Today I had an early appt downtown and so I had planned to get up early and make some snacks to take with me. Nothing fancy, just some cheese and maybe some tuna I made yesterday to keep me going. Well as it would happen, with everything  going on this morning it never happened. I had a big cup of coffee with cream and was under way. 3 hours later I still did not get to eat. We went from Downtown to the hospital to visit someone and while everyone else ate I did not. I just did not want to try and finagle something out of their options. So I had a Starbucks with cream and waited.

The thing is I was not hungry. I was not ravished for food because on Atkins I never am. I stopped using hunger as a trigger to eat long ago. I eat because my body needs it and I eat because it is essential to my plan but I don’t ever feel hungry, like I just need to eat.

I came home at about 2 and made a huge salad with bacon and cheese and my vinaigrette and enjoyed  every bite. It was worth it to me to wait and have control over what I was eating.

There will always be days that don’t go the way you want to but having control over your hunger and understanding the plan is the key to those days. What you can grab and eat and what you need to stay away from.

This is never anything I will plan. I don’t fast. I enjoy each day eating. But for me it is just one more way that Atkins helps me remain in control. I never feel out of control even when the circumstances around me are unexpected.

Learn Atkins well. Learn how it works and why it works. It makes such a difference in your choices. Some days will not be perfect but you can still make the best of it and end that day a winner!