This morning I got up to that fabulous number! 25 lbs gone. Today is the end of 7 weeks from my reset and 100% on plan.

This is the time that I can kick myself for letting life get in the way and letting go of what makes me function so well. I am sleeping better and inflammation is nearly gone. My joints no longer hurt. I have so much more energy and am not tired at all during the day. I am more focused on my tasks. I think the thing that I love most right now, other than the loss of pounds and inches, is that I don’t get winded! I walk now and I don’t want to stop. I really enjoy it because I am not tired. I don’t ache when I am done.

I am not struggling eating every day. I plan my day as a rule with what I want to eat and then go on along my day.

I wish I could get people not to give up so early. The Atkins plan works. This is my third go round and while it was a slow start and my body took some time to adjust, It has not remembered what to do and is doing it. I know it will slow down at some point but I don’t worry about that. It is a normal part of the process. I am not over exercising. I am just walking and will  add some weight training as I go because I love lifting and because I know it is good for my 50 yr old body however, I have to tell you I feel like I have lost 5 years in the last 7 weeks. My skin looks better, My energy levels are great and I just feel younger.

Please learn the Atkins plan correctly. If you need help ask! Go to the site, get the Atkins books and read them. Learn the plan for yourself and you will succeed!! Feel free to ask me for help. I have done Atkins since 93 and I am always willing to help or support ou along the way.