I see so many people trying to strip down Atkins to make it work better, or faster or at all because they are not really doing it right to begin with or are impatient.

Atkins works. It works every time you do it. Don’t believe the hype that it doesn’t. The difference in the second or third time is not the plan.. It is YOU.

You have damaged your metabolism more, aged more, messed up more. The plan stayed the same. Yes, it may take a little longer to see results but as we age that is what happens.

I am 50. I am no spring chicken. When I went back to a hard reset in January, It took a little longer for me to see results but they came and each week they keep coming. Do I lose weight every week? Not always but then the next week I can drop 3lbs.

I eat about 2000 calories a day. Sometimes less sometimes a little more but I keep it right there. I used to be afraid to eat. And the last go round when I didn’t lose it was my fault. It was because I was stripping down my plan and not adding as I was supposed to. I was afraid to move up the carb ladder and so I stalled myself!!!

The plan works and it will heal you as you go if you allow it to. READ AN ATKINS BOOK!!!

Don’t just take the plan from the snippets you know, or from other people. Get a book and read how it works and why it works, and it will make it easier because you will understand why you are eating that full fat mayo. Because it is making you lose weight!!

For years I have fought to teach people real Atkins. They see bacon and eggs and steak but they don’t understand all the good carbs that you need and how the plan really works.

I love love love my Atkins books. On good days they are my reference books and on bad days they are my go to encourager and inspiration. They keep me on track. I have found so many great tips and new ways to do things and still be 100% on plan and making it work for me!

Please please, If you need help ask! I am here and willing to help. And learn Atkins. Eat well and don’t starve. Don’t diet Atkins. EAT IT!! It will work!!!