I am up and started my day with my stuffed cabbage, because I am not a big breakfast-y food person. I like to eat leftovers and sometimes I will even fry a burger in the morning for breakfast. It keeps me full and satisfied longer and I don’t feel ravenous at any time during the day.

This morning I got up and realized that I am SEEING the change now. Just little things but places where I am thinning out. Most notably is my stomach. It is getting flatter and flatter every week. That is one of the things about Atkins that I think is really unique. Stomachs start to shrink faster than on any other plan. Is that medically proven? No, but I have seen it time after time in photos and with people I know irl that eat an Atkins plan.

I know people get hung up on that scale, that special number they want to see but for the last week, I have not really lost anything, but I am shrinking. Things are looser and I can wear some things I could not a few weeks ago. That is what matters. The change is something I can see! No one can see that number but they can see you shrink!!

Plan a good Atkins day and stick with it! It will work if you don’t get in the way with cheat days, or weird adaptations to the plan. The plan works and it works the way it is written. It is one of the easiest plans out there because you don’t ever have to go hungry! Plan a good Tuesday and reap the benefits!!