I know what I’m eating for the weekend by Thursday.  I plan it all out and make sure I have everything in stock to feed myself well and correctly. 

I am 5 weeks 100%on plan and I feel so much better.  My headaches have gone away and everything is looser! Why would I want to ruin that progress?! 

Weekends can be tough for people and I understand. A lot of running around with the kids and crazy plans but you can still stick to your plan if you plan well.  Is it worth it to wake up Monday morning with regret and bloating? Nope. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t go out and eat either.  Plan what you will eat when you go out. Don’t go out starving so you won’t be tempted by the bread plate. 

Atkins is about bounty and eating so many good whole foods. If you need back up have Atkins bars and shakes at the ready.  

My family loves ice cream and when they go I get a big fountain Diet Coke and sip that while they eat. I usually have one of my favorite Atkins treats at home after we return.  Sometimes I want it and sometimes I don’t.  But it’s there so I have the option and don’t feel deprived.  

Don’t let a weekend derail you! Plan ahead and make sure you are prepared and you will get to your goals!!