This morning I am up a pound and I am not freaking out. I added 5 more carbs yesterday for a total of 30 carbs daily. My body will need to time to adjust to it. Usually for me that means a week or 10 days and then my body starts to drop pounds more consistently until it is time to drop again.

I am not adding anything more than more of the veggies I am already eating. I am a simple eater and I am just not going to eat all the things on the ladder ever so I focus on those things that I will eat.

I move slowly. If I moved up today, I will not move up again until my body shows me signs it wants to or 6 weeks.. That is usually my move up time. If I want to keep losing, If YOU want to keep losing consistently and make a lasting plan you have to move up the ladder and move correctly and with purpose!!

Learn the Atkins plan! Read a book! Get immersed in the plan and work it well!

Eat well today!! You can do it!!