I really pay attention to my plan. I write down everything I eat and note my weight each day along with any notes or observations.

For instance, yesterday I was out of Sweetnlow. I start every day with coffee w/ Sweetnlow and heavy cream. I didn’t have any Sweetnlow yesterday so I used granulated Splenda instead. I use Splenda but only in baking dishes or treats.

All day long yesterday I was hungry and just wanted to eat. I didn’t. Stayed on my plan 100%. Ate my 3 meals but I had cravings and felt unsettled all day. Like I needed to eat more. I eat a lot. About 2200 calories a day so it is not like I needed more food.

Am I saying that Splenda is bad? Nope. I will still use it when I bake and make my peanut butter chocolate candy, but my observation is that it could be that eating it everyday in everyday things for me may not work.

I will try it again another day and see if I feel the same way, but for now I will put it aside and just use it in the applications I have before.

Make sure when you add things to your plan you write it down and keep track of how it works for you. When I do OWL, I add things slowly and take note of how I feel, hunger levels and such. It makes me prepared.

Make sure you try each thing for you and make sure it works for YOUR plan. It doesn’t matter how it works for other people. Make sure you are working it for you!