I know that when we go on a plan to lose pounds, That becomes the focus and sometimes we miss out on other great victories. I measure every week so that I can see progress. The number on the scale is fickle, The tape measure is not. It tells me exactly how I am doing. So far 4 inches in my waist are gone in 3.5 weeks. WOOHOO!

Another victory for me is my blood pressure has gone back to my normal range in this short time. I was consistently 189/99 and I had to be put on meds right around the time I turned 50. Um, yeah-no. That felt awful. but now last week my bp was down to 113/77.

My jeans are loose. Getting really loose. The problem with a yoga pant world is that is not something that happens until you lost about 30 lbs.. but jeans don’t lie. 🙂

Tonight my other woohoo was that my wedding ring fits! I have not had it on in months. Tonight we were going out to dinner and I thought, What the heck, and it went right on. I can get it off too!!

Make sure as you are going along you are marking progress and victories in other areas. It really helps along the way to see changes that matter to you. I weigh in daily and I keep a food journal and write down all my measurements once a week along with my food and weight. Each day I feel more like myself again. I feel slimmer and more active and ready to take on the world.

Just keep moving forward. Look for things that excite you about your journey. Look for things that show you it is working. You can do it!!