I am a simple eater, nothing too complicated. I like homey, good food.  I like to take my time when I eat to make something good and sit and eat it. Of course that is not always possible so I will make some of my favorites for the busy times.

Today I made 2 large cans of tuna with celery and Duke’s mayo. I had my lunch today, the tuna salad on a bed of lettuce with sharp cheese and apple cider vinegar and oil. I only used the apple cider because I was out of red wine vinegar. I have cut up lettuce and put it in a gallon bag with a paper towel, which keeps it crisp and fresh, and have a container of tuna salad along with pre-made vinaigrette ready to go. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I have to work so I will be able to run in the house and eat something good and then jet back out for work.  I like to make extra dinner so I have that as an option for breakfast lunch or dinner. The other night I made 2 more burgers than I needed and last night I made a stir fry for my family and I ate the left over burgers with melted sharp cheese.

The key to every day good eating is to be prepared. The more prepared I am the better I do.

Take the time to invest in your plan. In the long run it makes it much easier to stick to even on crazy days and keeps you 100% on plan which is the key to less hiccups along the way.

Have a great day! You can do it!!