I see this more and more.. For the glory of a number on the scale going down daily people will start disassembling their Atkins plan to make it work faster. It is such a bad idea.

Atkins is a progressive plan and it is made to help heal your body and teach it to burn your fuel efficiently. When you start dropping and going backwards only eating every second day, only eating 800 calories, you have now changed Atkins into something completely else and basically you are on your own. You are now dieting your way to your goal and what will you do when you are done??

If you do Atkins correctly, eat the plan, work the ladder, make sure you have a grasp on whether each for you eat is good for you and something you like, you end up with a plan to eat for life and still maintain that goal.

The best way to do Atkins and succeed is to take an Atkins plan, and there are many of them, and stick to that plan. Commit to the course. It will pay off.

Yes I am back to plan after a gain but not because Atkins failed me but because I failed me and yet just 3 weeks back to plan and I have lost 13 lbs, My bp went from 189/99 to 113/77. My waist shrunk 4 inches, I am sleeping and I feel 5 years younger.

I may not see the number on the scale I want to yet, but I can feel the changes. I can feel where I am going.

Don’t start pulling things from your plan to make it work faster. If you eat low calories you are just on a low calorie diet with better macro nutrients. If you eat Atkins you are eating and eating well and planning a way to eat for life.