If you have decided to do Atkins there is nothing better you can do for yourself than get a book. There are so many of them with different approaches to the plan. My favorites have been

– Dr Atkins Diet Revolution


This is the first one I read and helped me get on track 24 years ago. It is the simplest of the plans but also the most restrictive in the beginning. That works well for many because it gets rid of all the junk from your system and takes you to a low place so that losing is usually easier in the beginning.

-Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution

This book is a updated version of the first book with more options to start. It helps you make a plan to live on for life and teaches you how to add and move through the plan for  a successful journey.

I start in DADR but I move to DANDR as I move through the plan. The only difference is I count Total carbs and not net carbs. I track them but I eat off the Total carb count.

-The All New ATkins Advantage – Colette Heimowitz

This is a great book for someone who wants a laid out step by step day by day plan that also incorporates exercise.

-New Atkins for a New You!

This book I think is a plan that is made for people who want more choices on Atkins.

More ways to get it done and live it. (My story is the first one in the book).

There are many more and I have a lot of them. I love reading them, Going through the recipes but what I love most is each book has some great little nugget that is not in the others that will help you get on track and stay on track.

The best way to be successful is to be prepared. To get first hand the right information and then apply it to you and your life. Your tastes, your preferences, Your goals.

I was lucky when I came back to Atkins all those years ago because the Atkins site had the most amazing Forums. Not only was there many many people to do Atkins with but they had Colette Heimowitz, the Atkins Nutritionist there to help you when you were really struggling or if you needed to approach it another way to get it moving for you.

I have been told they are working on a better forum so here’s hoping that is ready soon! I miss the daily Atkins chatting, helping and support.

Please, take the time to learn the plan. It takes the frustration out of it! !