Sometimes no matter what the scale says, you feel different. You can feel the changes. It may not be a huge change just the feeling that your sleeves feel a little bigger, or that when you sit your jeans don’t dig in your waist anymore. Something fits just a bit different. These are all tell tale signs it is working, EVEN if the scale is not moving.

That scale sure has a hold on us. We use it as a tool and a weapon. We let it decide how our day is going to be. Are we going to be happy or sad or mad even. That scale seems to be the only way that some can see success because the ultimate goal is to be trim and at an acceptable number. But what if that number isn’t what you thought it would be? What if you look great at a weight higher than people think you should be. What if that is where you are comfortable? What if you let them get into your head.

It happened to me. I hit a goal for me. A big one in 2010. I was 172 and that sounds like a lot but this is what it looked like. I had lost 96 lbs at that point.

I was working out and I felt good and yet, I could not get past people’s words and I started to feel like I had failed. I could not see myself not fat because of the number. I was already struggling with the way I truly looked and what I saw in the mirror with what I saw in my head. I could not accept I was no longer fat. I started to dissect myself because the number on the scale was not what was thought of as acceptable.


Now at 50, I don’t seem to care as much what people think. I want the best me I can be. I want to feel good and strong and able. I want the life I want. I love the way I feel right now. I have control over my eating. I have no issue with cravings or cheats. I feel clean and not bloated. I am enjoying every little change and every little success. I measure every couple of days and I am usually rewarded with some kind of movement no matter what the scale says.

Every day,I am doing it. Every day, I am on plan and eating great and feeling awesome. Every day, for me.