And… I am down 10.5 lbs, My blood pressure has returned to 113/77 after having to take meds this fall because it was consistently 180/90, I have lost 6 inches and I feel amazing. I am sleeping better. I feel lighter. I have not told anyone that I am back to Atkins basic training but they are starting to notice.

My goal is 40 lbs to get back to fighting weight and I already have 25% of that gone!

I love Atkins 72. It has always been the plan I do best on and the plan that is the easiest to do. I move up the carb ladder and add back foods but the part I love the best is that you start so low in carbs that the weight just starts to come off. The first few days are an adjustment but all of a sudden, I feel better and I am not hungry and I am eating well! I only count total carbs. For me that works best.

I eat about 2200 calories a day, And I keep my total carbs low in the beginning but have some sort of vegetable everyday. I use to track weight and foods. I love that site! It makes it so easy to track and know that I know what I am eating.

Today I am going to make my cheesecake and portion it out in the freezer for dessert or breakfast ;).

I am rereading Atkins 72 and I love it. I have always loved it. It is the book that I used in the 90’s and I hear Dr Atkins voice speak directly to my issues. I always tell people to purchase one of his books and read them. He really can explain not only the plan but the science in an incredibly eye opening way. It all makes sense!!

Enjoy today! Eat well and Keep on moving!!