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20.5 lbs

It has been 6 weeks. Tomorrow I start week 7 and I am down 20.5 lbs and I feel fantastic. I am feeling stronger and sharper each day. I am keeping 100% on plan and focused on my goal.

For those of you coming back to Atkins and worried it is going slower, give it time. Let the plan work. Don’t tweak and change everything. Just keep eating the plan and working and it will fix your body and you will start to lose weight again.

Work on goals of time on plan rather than pounds lost. The pounds will fall off, but the time on plan is the effort you need to make to get there.


Keep eating Atkins and eat well!

You can do it!


Good Tuesday morning!

I am up and started my day with my stuffed cabbage, because I am not a big breakfast-y food person. I like to eat leftovers and sometimes I will even fry a burger in the morning for breakfast. It keeps me full and satisfied longer and I don’t feel ravenous at any time during the day.

This morning I got up and realized that I am SEEING the change now. Just little things but places where I am thinning out. Most notably is my stomach. It is getting flatter and flatter every week. That is one of the things about Atkins that I think is really unique. Stomachs start to shrink faster than on any other plan. Is that medically proven? No, but I have seen it time after time in photos and with people I know irl that eat an Atkins plan.

I know people get hung up on that scale, that special number they want to see but for the last week, I have not really lost anything, but I am shrinking. Things are looser and I can wear some things I could not a few weeks ago. That is what matters. The change is something I can see! No one can see that number but they can see you shrink!!

Plan a good Atkins day and stick with it! It will work if you don’t get in the way with cheat days, or weird adaptations to the plan. The plan works and it works the way it is written. It is one of the easiest plans out there because you don’t ever have to go hungry! Plan a good Tuesday and reap the benefits!!


How is your weekend going? 

I know what I’m eating for the weekend by Thursday.  I plan it all out and make sure I have everything in stock to feed myself well and correctly. 

I am 5 weeks 100%on plan and I feel so much better.  My headaches have gone away and everything is looser! Why would I want to ruin that progress?! 

Weekends can be tough for people and I understand. A lot of running around with the kids and crazy plans but you can still stick to your plan if you plan well.  Is it worth it to wake up Monday morning with regret and bloating? Nope. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t go out and eat either.  Plan what you will eat when you go out. Don’t go out starving so you won’t be tempted by the bread plate. 

Atkins is about bounty and eating so many good whole foods. If you need back up have Atkins bars and shakes at the ready.  

My family loves ice cream and when they go I get a big fountain Diet Coke and sip that while they eat. I usually have one of my favorite Atkins treats at home after we return.  Sometimes I want it and sometimes I don’t.  But it’s there so I have the option and don’t feel deprived.  

Don’t let a weekend derail you! Plan ahead and make sure you are prepared and you will get to your goals!! 

What’s for breakfast?

I have found that when I eat a great breakfast, I do much better during the day. I don’t have that constant pang of hunger and I feel more energized for the day.

Today I had an Eggbeaters Omelet with really sharp cheese and a side of my spinach pie.



Yum! So good and filling. I also had a cup of Coffee with heavy cream and sweet n low.

Eating three good meals a day really helps me stay level and not snack. I used to be a small meal snacker but I found that it is just a bad habit. By eating 3 good meals a day, my body is not always digesting and I feel better.

Enjoy breakfast! Have a great day. You can do this!


Don’t panic about weight loss!!

This is my weight loss graph this morning..


100% on plan, tracking daily.  I lose in steps not slides. I weigh daily to track and see what is going on based on foods, calories, or TOM but I don’t worry about it. It is just how I lose weight. It is why I recommend tracking on Fatsecret so much. Because it gives you such good information about your plan and how you are eating. You can journal there and make notes about what is going on that day. You can move whole meals day to day and there is a cook book that will figure out your net carbs for you when you make your special dishes.


The most important tool you have on Atkins is information. It will keep you on track and help you see what you need to do to maintain forward progress and keep to plan.

You can do this!!

Are you paying attention to your plan?

I really pay attention to my plan. I write down everything I eat and note my weight each day along with any notes or observations.

For instance, yesterday I was out of Sweetnlow. I start every day with coffee w/ Sweetnlow and heavy cream. I didn’t have any Sweetnlow yesterday so I used granulated Splenda instead. I use Splenda but only in baking dishes or treats.

All day long yesterday I was hungry and just wanted to eat. I didn’t. Stayed on my plan 100%. Ate my 3 meals but I had cravings and felt unsettled all day. Like I needed to eat more. I eat a lot. About 2200 calories a day so it is not like I needed more food.

Am I saying that Splenda is bad? Nope. I will still use it when I bake and make my peanut butter chocolate candy, but my observation is that it could be that eating it everyday in everyday things for me may not work.

I will try it again another day and see if I feel the same way, but for now I will put it aside and just use it in the applications I have before.

Make sure when you add things to your plan you write it down and keep track of how it works for you. When I do OWL, I add things slowly and take note of how I feel, hunger levels and such. It makes me prepared.

Make sure you try each thing for you and make sure it works for YOUR plan. It doesn’t matter how it works for other people. Make sure you are working it for you!


This morning I am up a pound and I am not freaking out. I added 5 more carbs yesterday for a total of 30 carbs daily. My body will need to time to adjust to it. Usually for me that means a week or 10 days and then my body starts to drop pounds more consistently until it is time to drop again.

I am not adding anything more than more of the veggies I am already eating. I am a simple eater and I am just not going to eat all the things on the ladder ever so I focus on those things that I will eat.

I move slowly. If I moved up today, I will not move up again until my body shows me signs it wants to or 6 weeks.. That is usually my move up time. If I want to keep losing, If YOU want to keep losing consistently and make a lasting plan you have to move up the ladder and move correctly and with purpose!!

Learn the Atkins plan! Read a book! Get immersed in the plan and work it well!

Eat well today!! You can do it!!

NSVs(Non-Scale Victories)

I know that when we go on a plan to lose pounds, That becomes the focus and sometimes we miss out on other great victories. I measure every week so that I can see progress. The number on the scale is fickle, The tape measure is not. It tells me exactly how I am doing. So far 4 inches in my waist are gone in 3.5 weeks. WOOHOO!

Another victory for me is my blood pressure has gone back to my normal range in this short time. I was consistently 189/99 and I had to be put on meds right around the time I turned 50. Um, yeah-no. That felt awful. but now last week my bp was down to 113/77.

My jeans are loose. Getting really loose. The problem with a yoga pant world is that is not something that happens until you lost about 30 lbs.. but jeans don’t lie. 🙂

Tonight my other woohoo was that my wedding ring fits! I have not had it on in months. Tonight we were going out to dinner and I thought, What the heck, and it went right on. I can get it off too!!

Make sure as you are going along you are marking progress and victories in other areas. It really helps along the way to see changes that matter to you. I weigh in daily and I keep a food journal and write down all my measurements once a week along with my food and weight. Each day I feel more like myself again. I feel slimmer and more active and ready to take on the world.

Just keep moving forward. Look for things that excite you about your journey. Look for things that show you it is working. You can do it!!


Easy to eat meals

I am a simple eater, nothing too complicated. I like homey, good food.  I like to take my time when I eat to make something good and sit and eat it. Of course that is not always possible so I will make some of my favorites for the busy times.

Today I made 2 large cans of tuna with celery and Duke’s mayo. I had my lunch today, the tuna salad on a bed of lettuce with sharp cheese and apple cider vinegar and oil. I only used the apple cider because I was out of red wine vinegar. I have cut up lettuce and put it in a gallon bag with a paper towel, which keeps it crisp and fresh, and have a container of tuna salad along with pre-made vinaigrette ready to go. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I have to work so I will be able to run in the house and eat something good and then jet back out for work.  I like to make extra dinner so I have that as an option for breakfast lunch or dinner. The other night I made 2 more burgers than I needed and last night I made a stir fry for my family and I ate the left over burgers with melted sharp cheese.

The key to every day good eating is to be prepared. The more prepared I am the better I do.

Take the time to invest in your plan. In the long run it makes it much easier to stick to even on crazy days and keeps you 100% on plan which is the key to less hiccups along the way.

Have a great day! You can do it!!

Add, don’t subtract..

I see this more and more.. For the glory of a number on the scale going down daily people will start disassembling their Atkins plan to make it work faster. It is such a bad idea.

Atkins is a progressive plan and it is made to help heal your body and teach it to burn your fuel efficiently. When you start dropping and going backwards only eating every second day, only eating 800 calories, you have now changed Atkins into something completely else and basically you are on your own. You are now dieting your way to your goal and what will you do when you are done??

If you do Atkins correctly, eat the plan, work the ladder, make sure you have a grasp on whether each for you eat is good for you and something you like, you end up with a plan to eat for life and still maintain that goal.

The best way to do Atkins and succeed is to take an Atkins plan, and there are many of them, and stick to that plan. Commit to the course. It will pay off.

Yes I am back to plan after a gain but not because Atkins failed me but because I failed me and yet just 3 weeks back to plan and I have lost 13 lbs, My bp went from 189/99 to 113/77. My waist shrunk 4 inches, I am sleeping and I feel 5 years younger.

I may not see the number on the scale I want to yet, but I can feel the changes. I can feel where I am going.

Don’t start pulling things from your plan to make it work faster. If you eat low calories you are just on a low calorie diet with better macro nutrients. If you eat Atkins you are eating and eating well and planning a way to eat for life.