I always lose weight the same way.. In jumps and fits and hills and valleys. I know this because I track everything I eat and what I weigh. It doesn’t bother me because I know that if I lose 3 lbs, I am most likely going to see 2 back in a day or so and then by then next week I will be down 5. The 3 I lost before plus 2 more. Then It may jump up a pound. Even if I am eating steady and even if I am 100% on plan. It is just how my body works. If  I gave up on that up day, I would never get anywhere.  I found my old graph and I am posting it to help you see, It is overall downward movement, that matters. I weigh everyday but it only matters weekly to me.


Keep your head down. Eat well and eat on plan 100%! It will pay off!! If you need help ask for it!!



You can do this. Track everything.. Learn your patterns..

I found this quote from Dr Atkins that I love:

“One thing I have learned is that there is no fixed formula that works for everybody. What I hope this book will do for you is steer you into an eating pattern best suited for YOU: your particular metabolism, tastes, habits, customs, likes and dislikes”- Dr Atkins- DADR 72

Dr Atkins wanted you to do this how it works for you. Atkins won’t look the same for everyone but it can all be right. Learn the plan yourself. READ the books and make it a plan that works for you. My suggestion is to go back to the first book her wrote and read it. Even if you follow the plan in a later book, His words, His explanation of the plan and science and his words resonate. They let you know he understood and cared about your success.

I like the simplicity of the 72 plan and it is the one I follow as a rule.

Read the books so you can make your own decisions about what Atkins looks like for you! Plan your success!!