There is nothing like the feeling of eating clean. For 10 days I have gone back to basics and I feel so much better. I am sleeping better, not crashing in the afternoon and I don’t feel bloated at all during the day. Another side effect for me is that I don’t eat more than 3 meals a day. Not because I limit myself but because I am completely satisfied. I am eating about 2300 calories a day, some days a little more and some days a little less, but I feel good and have lost 9 lbs in those 10 days. I’ve lost 3 inches off my waist which was most likely bloat and water.  I feel better.. I FEEL better.

It has been a horrible year for me. Horrible.. I just let go of me and what I needed. I was so focused on what everyone else needed while taking care of my kids and husband and work and everyone else. It is easy for me since I am definitely a caretaker.

I have been struggling a few years. This being 50 is hard. And all the hormonal changes make it harder. losing pounds for me is so much harder than it used to be and I gain with a vengeance since this all started in 2012.. I was in a good groove and hormones hit and it was a nightmare. It was so hard and so tough, I gave up on me.

It is not pity just reality. I have a hard time with what I look like vs what I look like in my head. Even in a size 6 I would look in the mirror and only see flaws. It disables me to move forward.

There are many of us who have been successful on Atkins and then had some stumbles. I am not ashamed of that. After the last year, I am just glad to have survived it. I think the kicker came for me is when I started to have health problems because of the stress and the running and not taking care of me. Your brain just starts to click off.

I hope that sharing here and there will help someone else in my boat, who always takes care of everyone but themselves. In the end it really comes down to the airplane scenario. You can’t help anyone else unless you put the mask on first. You have to be there to help them. So try and put your health and self first in this. Make yourself a priority. It doesn’t mean become selfish or self centered. It just means plan for you. Plan what you want. Keep your goals in sight and keep moving forward! You can do this!