I have been gone awhile. When I say life has happened, it has in a monster way.

My parents both had huge medical issues last year. I really should not have either one of them this year. Thank God they are both here and healthy again!!! Of course I ended up with my own health problems  that I’ve had to deal with.

Then I lost my aunt in December. That was a huge loss.  She was only a 8 years older than me. She was very very sick and her passing was hard.

She was my original Atkins buddy in the 90’s.  Her and I would talk Atkins and share recipes and eat well together.  I used to make my cream of asparagus soup for us and we’d eat all of it and chat and hang out.

Its been a traumatic year, the hardest year of my life , but I have to get back to me   I’ve gained weight and felt miserable as I just let life run me over.  No more   It’s not in me to give up long term or to let go of what is important to me and what makes me feel alive.

I’ve been back on plan 100 percent for a week now and I feel better and stronger.

So here I am back  new recipes and posts and updates to come!!!

Happy 2017!!!!! On to great things!!!