Im so excited. I just have so much to do and I knew my weight was getting in the way. The way I was eating was just destroying me. I was unhappy, miserable even, and could not focus on anything.

This morning my focus is clear. I don’t have that horrible desire to eat everything in sight. I don’t feel like I am missing anything. I feel back on track.

11 lbs. almost a third of what I came back to lose.. WOOHOO!! on a side note, and funny to me…

I was looking at the scale today without my glasses that I need to see close. So I am looking and thinking… man I gained… Then I got closer and realized no I didnt I lost!!! I was counting the line as a 5lb mark and it was the next lowest 10 lbs MARK!!
That is how I do my plan. In 10 lbs at a time. I know I can lose 10. So I just focus on that rather than the whole goal!!

You can do this. Please don’t struggle alone.. Ask for help! Hang out at the Atkins boards.. Get to know people and share!