Well of course there had to be a blip in my journey. Its been almost a week and was going really well. Atkinswise, it still is..

HOWEVER, Monday night I had some chest pain that I could not pinpoint. It was new and different from any kind of indigestion or other pain I had had before. To try and explain it, it felt like someone had smeared Bengay across my chest on the left side up into my shoulder. I tried to ignore it.. 😉 but it would not go away .I had to go to ER and get it checked out.
I am glad to report it was not my heart!! And that my cardiac dr said I am good. My Blood pressure while doing the stress test never rose more to more than 128/77.
My resting bp is 106/68.
WOOHOO for that.
They think it could have been a hiatal hernia, that is moving around causing my pain, so I will have more tests to try and pinpoint it.

I left really glad I am back on Atkins and back on my way to health. I realized that at 46 I don’t have the luxury of just putting off being healthy later… AND I want to be in great shape to enjoy the rest of my life.

I have lost 6lbs since starting last weekend and that is just awesome!! I feel amazing already.

So my leaving points are, If you have chest pain, GO GET CHECKED OUT. I was kind of embarrassed that it was not my heart but every nurse, dr , aide said to me ” we would much rather you come and go home without a heart problem then not come and die of a heart problem at home. ”


And that right now is always the time to get back on the horse. Don’t wait. Don’t be ashamed, Don’t let what others may think bother you.

You can do it. Just do it! JUST do it!



So Hospital food…

Not bad, I have to tell you.

First was awful because I was so restricted because of testing, but the hospital has a all day concierge food plan. So you can eat what you want when you want.

I looked over the menu and there it was… a greek salad. with OLIVES! love them.. That would be my treat!! I also ordered Roast turkey and green beans. The turkey was indeed a large thick slice of roasted turkey and the green beans were cooked well.

It was a great filling meal. The olives being the icing on my cake!

It was nice to come home from the hospital and not starving because all they had was starch and junk!