This morning I was getting one son off to school, making him breakfast of poached eggs..


When I got back my 4 year old wanted Scrambled eggs and sliced tomatoes..  🙂


I love that! He eats that because he has seen his father eat that countless times. One way to get your kids to eat healthy, is to let them see you eating great!! Eat well. Make salads and let them help. Let them pick their dressing, but put cheese and bacon in it. Or protein like steak or chicken and let them make up new salads.


One thing that people always ask is ” What about the kids? What do I feed them?”


If you are doing Atkins they can eat what you are. Just modify it for them. You should be eating plenty of veggies so that is great for them.  I usually make two veggies every meal.


My son’s breakfast this morning.