With shows like the biggest loser all over the place, Showing people losing 5 ,10 even 20 pounds in a week.. What does that mean for the normal folk? Those of us just plugging away each day on our own with 1-2pounds each week gone.. Maybe none.

The way they react when they lose 1 lb or even 3, with such a sense of shame and failure is amazing. They are now conditioned and conditioning us that the normal and good guideline of 1-2 pounds a week is a bad thing. We must be doing something wrong.


First they are beaten each day in the gym, working out 5 hours a day, Eating low calorie and it is something that I would say 80% of them don’t maintain. How could they? They have to get to real life right? Pay their bills, raise a family?

What if you don’t lose anything one week but did it all right.. Are you a failure?

Nope. What you did was spend a week maintaining and living in your loss!! That is a good thing!!

Does one week not losing mean you are at your carb limit! NO. Not even close. it takes 4 weeks at the same weight for it to be a “stall”. At that point we look at what is being eating, Search for carb creep or not enough calories, maybe a little more exercise.. and see if it will move. IF not then we start to back down a little and see it the scale moves again..
BUT that week not losing.. Is not failure. It is learning experience.

It is expected! It is normal! IT IS REAL LIFE.

I just h*a*te that people get frustrated after 2 days of not losing or even a week and assume they are doing it wrong, It won’t work for them.

Atkins is always working. IT is healing you. IT is lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. It is lowering that BP. Making it so you can get off meds.

That in itself is a prize worth its weight in gold.

I KNOW you want to lose the weight. It will happen. As long as you do the plan the right way get off induction and work through it you will not only get the loss but the maintenance that will keep you satisfied and never surprised. You will be in complete control of your weight.

Please, Don’t let shows like this choose your goals or decide your success. Each time you make a right choice, YOU ARE THE WINNER! You are succeeding. Time is the only thing that will show the results.

Think of where you can be in one year. Ready for spring and summer at your best you.

Please take these shows for what they are. A gimmick to make money on TV.