Where did it go ? Seems like not too long ago I was fishing out shorts for my boys and now I am buying school supplies and clothes!

This summer has been one of the best I have ever had. Being almost 100 lbsw lighter than 2 years ago, I can tell you that it feels like a whole new life now. I fell light and free. I don’t worry about going to the shore or not having to wear a coat to hide..

This summer has been full of freedom and living. I have enjoyed myself and stayed on my Atkins plan and even tested some new foods for me. What I found is that after 2 years, I am finally free of the obsession with food. I can have a taste of this or that and not have that driving crazy feeling to eat it all. I love how I eat , all the veggies, the meats and good fats. My favorite thing this summer has been braised cucumbers or cucumber and tomato salad with cheese.

I hope that wherever you are on your Atkins journey, that you are feeling great and enjoying the best food life has to offer. I hope that you are meeting your goals and learning all you can. There is no substitute for a well lived life.

Living Atkins Everyday,