June 3rd  will be 2 years back on Atkins.  What a journey it has been. People keep asking me if I am stopping now that I have reached my goal. Funny how people think. That this would be an end reaching my phase 4 badge of honor. Yet it is only the beginning. One that feels freeing and courageous.

I can still remember what it felt like to be 267lbs. What it felt like when the Dr came in and said that I needed meds for blood pressure and I had a heart condition.  It just did not seem possible that I was so old and sick at 41.

Fast forward to today. May13 2010.

To describe how I feel now is hard. There are the usual emotions. Happiness, Joy, Sense of Accomplishment. But I also feel humble.

I am so grateful for what Atkins has done for me. That it brought me back to the REAL me.

I was looking at old pictures of me this morning and remembering how each size felt. What emotion is tied up in this journey. I feel like I emerged from a cocoon. One that had me trapped and tied and now I am free and on the path  I was meant to be on all along.

If you are just starting today, Know that there is freedom in this plan. There is control. Even if you have never been able to control your eating before. If you stick to this, make it about you, and learn all you can and EAT… It will change your life.