Today is the day!! I start Lifetime maintenance today!! I was reading the new book NEW ATKINS FOR A NEW YOU.. and there is a section about finding the right goal weight..

I have lost 95lbs to date. I have been at this weight since November. I go down but then bounce right back. So my body seems to want to stay here for awhile and I have decided to embrace it! I am wearing a size 8 , feel AMAZING and really know that I have changed my body, My life and my future.

I am kicking up my exercise and just going to see where it takes me.

I realized that a goal of 150lbs may not be right for me right now or ever. I want to be fit and strong.. And I feel like that is where I am heading now.

I am at 45nc daily. And I eat like a king.

Life could not be better!!

SO HERE I AM!!!! Traci… a 4!

23months in from when I came back to ATKINS!