Yesterday was the first party of the season for us.. A big birthday party for 2 wonderful little boys. It was a blast.. Was I worried about what to eat? NOPE…

We came home from church and I made a huge salad for my family with bacon and cheese and my dressing.. It was yummy and filled me up. I also made a pumpkin custard to take with me. My Aunt is doing Atkins now so I called and asked what she was serving and she was making a taco salad too … GREAT!!! So that is what I ate and then had the pumpkin and a cup of coffee with cream. Brought my ez sweet too..

You can eat Atkins anywhere. All you need to do is plan. Remember to keep your best interests in hand and prepare and plan. Don’t give power over your eating to anyone.  Plan the best day for you.. EVERYDAY.. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!