I am amazed that each day I get up so energized, ready to take on the world. I have been up since 6 am and have already been planning what to do with my kids and what I need to get done today. When I was carrying that extra weight, I got up trying to find time to lay down and relax.

I find that when I am doing my errands, I literally run around. Walking seems slow, I tend to jog in and out of stores and carry many bags intead of one at a time or getting a cart. I park farther, I just enjoy being more Active and feeling alive!

It is amazing that even though that scale is sticking, I am still noticing changes in my body. My dh said my hips are slimming down more and more… He just said it out of the blue, not prompted by me..

For all those just starting, Just know that only good things await. Weight loss, Energy, great health, smaller clothes,  and amazing food are all on their way. Ask for help at Atkins.com. Read as much as you can and give it your best effort. You are so worth it!