Today it is beautiful outside so when It was time to pick up my son from school, I put my youngest (2) in the wagon and strapped him in with his water and took off for the school.  He weighs about 38lbs.

Once we picked up his brother he wanted to ride too. He is almost 6 and 50 lbs.  As I was pulling them up and down the little hills and bumps I could feel the strain on my arms and legs.. It is about 3/4 of mile from school to home.  Halfway home it just clicked….

I was pulling the pounds I had lost!!!!!!

It was an A-HA moment that was like a flashing sign in my head… I smiled.. Some days it just does not occur to me that I have lost that much. For some reason It just did not feel that heavy carrying it around. Yes it was hard to walk far and yes it was uncomfortable sitting many places, My feet and bones hurt when I went to bed, but I just did not really FEEL the weight of those 95lbs.

Today I did. I pulled them for 3/4 of mile and when I got home my legs were burning and my breathing was labored. IT FELT GOOD though because this was exercise and in 2 minutes, I was going to drop the handle scoop up my little boys and come into the house without that weight hanging on my body.

I needed that today.

I have been feeling like it was no big deal. Maybe if the weight just fell off us so one day we were big and the next day we were not, we might be able to grasp the magnitude of it all, the stress we have taken off our bodies, we could really appreciate the accomplishment.  but because it is gradual I think we forget where we were.

I am challenging you.. Go get a wheel barrel, a wagon, shopping bags. Fill them up with the weight you lost and carry it for a mile.

Then see if you can stop smiling when you get home……. 🙂 I CAN’T!