Feeling good..

I am never ever hungry. I am never deprived. I eat all the things I love and enjoy the weight loss.

Atkins will change you. It will make you stronger. It will give you control you have never been able to find on any other eating plan. It is not just a diet. It is a way to eat and lose the weight, then maintain it while enjoying the food you eat and NEVER EVER being hungry.

It feels so good to wake up 95 lbs lighter and 10 pounds from my old Atkins weight and know that I don’t ever ever have to be fat again. That I am THERE. I can feel the joy of being on plan and eating well and close to goal. I know that maintaining the loss will be easy for me. I have planned well and followed the plan the right way. Taken the right steps to find out all I can about the foods I will eat.

I have a hard time with the shame I feel when I see those pictures of me after my son was born. It is really hard to look at them and not feel really really ashamed. But I look in the mirror now and I am proud that I did not let that weight beat me, I WON!!! I am really really excited about my life again.