This is a treat my grandmom always makes for me. It is an odd taste combination but very refreshing and good!!

Makes 8 / 1/2c  servings

2 packages sugar free Orange jello

1 large carrot


You make the Jello as per instructions, Then put in a glass square casserole in the fridge while you use your peeler to make thin strips of the carrot. You can grate it if you like but I like the longer strips and then I cut them up, mix them through the jello and put back in the fridge for 10 mins or so and stir again, Just till it gets to the place where it will suspend the carrots.

One of my favorites! It cleans the palate and gives you a sweet something on your plate if there is no low carb cranberry sauce.

Nutritional Information for entire dish:

Fat 0.17
Carbs 6.90
Fiber 2.0
Net Carbs 4.90
Protein 8.67
Calories 110

Per serving:

Fat 0.02
Carbs 0.86
Fiber 0.2
Net Carbs 0.66
Protein    1.08
Calories 14