That is what I ate yesterday. I ended my day with a 14 oz steak, Caesar salad, broccoli and then came home to have the Lower NC Pumpkin Pie I put up yesterday and coffee at 9 pm. 2900 calories and 48 nc.

I woke up to a .5 lbs loss. Now traditional dieting philosophy would tell you that is impossible. BUT not so.

Atkins is not calories in/ calories out. If you are eating low net carbs as we do on Atkins, you can eat way more calories and protein and fats and still lose weight while feeling like you are just LIVING ATKINS!

That is the key, If you read Dr Atkins books he make reference time and time again to living this. To making it the right plan for you for life!

Read the books, Go to the website. Learn and eat well!!!