Why? Because  I really really enjoy the way I eat. I take the best I can out of each stage and make sure I am eating to my Atkins potential. I enjoy all the treats and wonderful dishes allowed while keeping myself satisfied and on plan.

Don’t short change yourself. Try everything! Make sure you know what you can and can not eat. I have not strayed once. I can always find something to deal with whatever it is I want in the moment.

Use all the tools available to you.

Try the Atkins Bars and Shakes For safety on the go. They can be trusted. Just count the net carbs on the box.

There are many many kinds and bars for all phases. Try them for yourself.  See how they work for you.

Make this about you. No one else. find your Atkins potential! Don ‘t worry what works for everyone else. Just try things and see what works for you!

Don’t focus only on the weight loss, But how wonderful you feel. All the good foods. If you do this right I promise you it will not feel like a diet. It will feel like living.